I was born in 1979, am a natural redhead, and I’ve never had any Botox/fillers/cosmetic surgery, etc.  I do keep buying Groupons for them, probably because all women fear aging, but I’m going to go into it with grace and dignity darn it!

I do not alter my photos besides a great filter, crop, or something to enhance the image, not make me skinnier.  What you see is what you get with me, and that included my yo-yo weight gain and losses over the years!  I do some times use cute filters because let’s be honest, they are fun and who doesn’t want to see themselves as a dancing hot dog?!  I have always had a love for photography that I think I inherited from my Aunt (who also is a redhead), and my creative side from my Uncle on my mom’s side (who also is a redhead).  What are the chances with that?  Maybe the redheads in our family are creatively inclined?

I used to be a cosmetologist so I change my hair often, but am also incredibly knowledgeable about hair products, makeup, and skincare.  Before I can even remember, I was getting into my mother’s makeup, experimenting with makeup/skincare/hair products, and have had so many evolving styles over the years that I feel I can help my fellow gingers out there!  I’m also including the gorgeous porcelain, fair, and lighter than any product called “light”.  If you’ve ever ended up with an orange face because of the wrong foundation, bronzer, or powder – I’m your gal!  I’m also your gal if you feel you’re too old for shimmer, glimmer, or glitter anything because you are NOT!  I have experience with the most oily skin/hair you’ve ever seen, dry skin/hair, combination skin, and guarantee I’ve tried just about every hair care product out there. This is one of the best parts of being a former cosmetologist!

I can’t wait to share all of my loves, hates, and meh’s with you – I want this journey to be amazing for us both!

– Erin




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